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 Wings of Darkness Chapter 14: The New World

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PostSubject: Wings of Darkness Chapter 14: The New World   Sun May 23, 2010 11:10 am

Chapter 14: The New World.

Narrator: ........ outside in the cold dusk air, buildings covered in snow to the highest skyscraper, seemingly all life has been reaped from the land.

Myou Sangai: ........ I cannot sense biological forms anywhere within a distance of 300 miles............ something is not right

Nenshou Iyoku: We're all alone out here.......... wait whats that... *pointing at a figure that looked as if it was about 9 feet tall running towards them*

Myou Sangai: Let me scan it before it comes...... This creature is hostile towards us, prepare for battle.

Nenshou Iyoku: *thinking* this thing just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, i dont have a good feeling about this.

Narrator: *suddenly, the mist cleared reavealing a horrible creature* *it had four arms, 3 wielding human heads and one wielding a blood stained machette. It had 3 heads, one of them split clean in half* and its heart was on the outside of its body, it left a trail of blood in its wake*

Mijuku Raikou: *snickers* *pulls out sword* he isnt so tough

Creature: MUST HEAR AND OBEY *suddenly the snow around the creature melts and it falls in to a pit of snow going deeper and deeper and deeper*

All 3 of them: ........... ummmm we won?

Nenshou Iyoku: Lets just find a place where we can get some more food.

Kaika Kyohaku: N-n-nenshou.... i-i c-c-cant s-s-tand c-c-old.

Nenshou Iyoku: *Nenshou gives his jacket to Kaika* there *gets hit by a snowball* WTF??!!!

Mijuku Raikou: HAH score, *throws another snowball and it hits Myou* HAHAHA ohhh.... crap

Myou Sangai: Heh *uses the sword and casts the snowballs at Nenshou sending him skyrocketing back about 20 feet


Kaika Kyohaku: *still shivering*

Mijuku Raikou: Ding Ding Ding you have stated the obvious jackass =D

Nenshou Iyoku: Thats very funny, but lets find a place and soon, Kaikas really getting chilly

Narrator: As they all continue walking trying to warm up Kaika they see a pathway downward

Nenshou Iyoku: SWEET, below the snow, maybe we can find some buildings with food and stuff.

Mijuku Raikou: Or a BAR!!!!!! nothing like good ol' beer to recharge your batterys.

Myou Sangai: Or a book store, reading is even better.

All three look at Myou: ............. NERD!!!!

Myou Sangai: Im just saying books can be pleasant as well.

Kaika Kyohaku: *huddles up in Nenshous arms* h-hurry its freezing out here...

Nenshou Iyoku: *starts blushing but hides it* ya... lets go

Narrator: They continue walking for several miles in what just seems like endless skyscrapers at the bottom of the snow.

Nenshou Iyoku: We've been wandering for....... wait......... whats that.

Narrator: Up ahead they see a figure running toward them on 4 legs.


Mijuku Raikou: Right.

Narrator: They both rush towards the runnning werewolf which stands up on two legs and claws at Myou, hitting Myous wings which easily deflect the claws

Myou Sangai: Is this a time where I would say. *stabs the werewolf in the head with sword* boom headshot?

Mijuku Raikou: Yes Myou for once you ar- OMG A BAR *grabs all three of them* TO HEAVEN WE GO...

Narrator: All three of them get inside the bar which for some reason is still lighted and air conditioned.

Myou Sangai: I dont like the fact that this place still has power...... be careful and dont go anywhere alone

Mijuku Raikou: *relax* *sticks sword into the wall and they all hear a demon-like scream*

Myou Sangai: I didn't sense that enemy myself

Mijuku Raikou: *pulls it back out and theres blood on it* Looks like I was the only one who did, well i know theres enemies everywhere but we might as well get used to it.

Narrator: While Myou and Mijuku were arguing about the most random of things, Nenshou was helping Kaika warm up at the other table.

Kaika Kyohaku: *still laying against Nenshou* mm... hey Nenshou. What would happen if i leaned up and kissed you on the lips right now.

Nenshou Iyoku: *suddenly blushes and starts sweating* uhh... *inner Nenshou* HELL YA IF YOU DONT SAY i would kiss you right back I WILL FUCKING BANG YOUR HEAD MAN* Outer Nenshou: ........ uuuhhhh i would kiss you back.....

Kaika Kyohaku: *slowly starts to lean up towards Nenshou's head*

Nenshou Iyoku: *slowly moves his head down towards Kaika's*

Narrator: Back to Myou and Mijuku.


Mijuku Raikou: *clamps Myous mouth shut* look *points at Nenshou and Kaika*

Myou Sangai: ...................... love?

Narrator: Back to Nenshou and Kaika.

Nenshou Iyoku: *closes eyes* Kaika....

Kaika Kyohaku: *closes eyes* Nenshou....

Narrator: And with that their lips come together while Myou and Mijuku gaze in astonishment.

Myou Sangai: ........... get me a beer

Mijuku Raikou: ............. funny i was about to ask you the same thing.

Narrator: As they were talking yet again, Nenshou and Kaikas lips come apart and they stare at each other.

Nenshou Iyoku: Kaika......... ive been such a jerk *he hugs Kaika*

Kaika Kyohaku: No Nenshou i was the jerk *hugs Nenshou*

Mijuku Raikou: aaaahhhh love.... now if only I had a girl..... that'll be the day.

End of Chapter 14

Look Forward to Chapter 15


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Wings of Darkness Chapter 14: The New World
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