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 Tips on Using Constructive Criticism

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PostSubject: Tips on Using Constructive Criticism   Sun May 23, 2010 3:49 pm

Heres Black_Envy with some tips on constructive criticism Very Happy!

Using constructive criticism is a great way to gain respect around the forum.

Here are some FAQ's:

1. What is Constructive Criticism?
A. Constructive Criticism is when a person rates another persons work (no matter what that work is) and gives constructive comments on how to improve this work.

2. An Example of Constructive Criticism:
A. Here is an example of non constructive criticism:

"YOUR SIGNATURE SUCKS!" (This Tells Us Absolutely Nothing"

Now lets look at an example of constructive criticism

"Well It was a good effort, but there are some things that could be corrected, for example the light source isn't that good, maybe if you positioned it a bit better, and as for the font, try making it impact size 11 instead of times new roman"

Notice the Difference? It gives advice on how the creator can improve, and it is done in a non flaming manner.

3. Why is constructive criticism important?
A. Several Reasons.

1. It helps the creator of the work improve
2. It makes you look more like a respectable member
3. It keeps flaming on the forum down
4. It makes the creator be inspired to create more things

I Hope This Helps And Inspires You To Use Constructive Criticism!

♥️ Envy!


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PostSubject: Re: Tips on Using Constructive Criticism   Sun May 23, 2010 4:36 pm

nice job envy pretty epic
rep up


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Tips on Using Constructive Criticism
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