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 Yuki Kirai

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ZX of the Darkness
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PostSubject: Yuki Kirai   Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:39 pm

This Is Another Character I Made: Yuki Kirai: She Is My Only Female RP Character, And Also The Rumored Love Intrest Of My Main RP Character ZX of the Darkness.
(Please Ignore The Render Logo In The Upper Left Corner Of The Picture)

Name: Yuki Kirai
Chakra Affinity: Ice
Current Age: 16
Bloodline: Shikkyaku Hyouden (Falling Snow)
Rank: Missing-Nin (S-Class)
Ninja Registration Number: 059385
Relationship:Rumored Distant Love Between Herself and ZX of the Darkness

Past History: Not much is known about Yuki's past history. She grew up in up in the Hidden Village of the Snow (Yukigakure) and lived there with her parents until she was around 13. Her parents were killed while she was on a ninja mission as a genin. When she came back her the dead bodies of her parents were on the ground in front of the door. The blood pooling around her feet. She ran away from the village on that night. When the Yukigakure A.N.B.U. arrived at her house, she was not there, so they assumed she had been killed also and never bothered to do a search outside of the village. From that day she was never heard from inside her village again.

Current History: 3 years have passed since that night, she has been rumored to have been seen in certain areas. Wherever she is, is where it snows. Also rumors and occasional sightings have shown that the missing-nin ZX of the Darkness and her meet and take long walks together in the snow. Otherwise the events of her current time are unknown. It is rumored that her relationship with ZX of the Darkness is not just of friends it is that of love.

Jutsu: Yuki has the gift of the ice release and also has the gift of using various ice and snow related techniques. She paticularly uses the form of ninjutsu.


Ice Ninjutsu:
Hyōton: Rōga Nadare no Jutsu (Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique)
Koori Hitokusari: (Ice Disc Technique)
Hyōrō no Jutsu: (Ice Prison Technique)
Hyōton: Tsubame Fubuki: (Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm)
Hyōton: Haryū Mōko: (Ice Release: Tearing Dragon)
Suiton: Hahonryū: (Water Release: Tearing Torrent)

Kekkei Genkai: (Bloodline Jutsu):

Hyōton: Koyuki Hyousetsu: (Snowing Paradise)

Personality: Calm, Relaxed, Cheerful (Around ZX)
Likes: Walking In Soft Falling Snow, Looking at the Stars, Ice Cream, Snowcones and The Glow Of The Moonlight.
Dislikes: Fighting, Sake.


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Yuki Kirai
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