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 Extraordinary World

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PostSubject: Extraordinary World   Tue May 11, 2010 5:34 pm

This is a poem that I have been writing over a couple weeks, Whenever I read it I am able to go off into my own little world and feel relaxed. To just break away from society, everyone and everything and its worked, I feel much better whenever I read my poem. Here is the poem:

Extraordinary World

... Just black... that's all I can see...
In this ordinary life, nothing is accepting
Nothing is right
I want to go off to someplace amazing
A world of falling snow and shadow covered trees
A place where the air is calm and quiet
A place where the sun barely shines
Where a light blue hue cuts through the clouds from the horizon
I can walk in peace there
A place where the soft snow will fall upon my face
A dark path of falling snowflakes with the trees and the shadows casting over me
A land of absolute silence and snow
In the first part of my extraordinary world...
One again back in my ordinary life
The ordinary people walking down the pathways of their ordinary lives
I close my eyes and go off again
I am lying on a grassy field, the wind blowing softly through my hair
Resting my head on my hands and gazing up into the night
The pure black sky lit up with the stars and constellations aglow
Tall, graceful and powerful flowing trees all around me
Their softly glowing pink petals floating gracefully down towards the ground spinning and waving slowly and silently
Still up in the sky my eyes keep wondering
I want to stay in this world together with the snow and the stars forever
I know that I cannot, it is but a vague dream...
A dream which I can only wish to eventually live
I open my eyes once again back in the ordinary world
The people with their money, their lies and their transgressions
I will just go off into my own world...
and smile....

I hope you all enjoyed it.


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Extraordinary World
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