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PostSubject: Trapped   Tue May 11, 2010 5:44 pm

I was playback during my tech production class at school so I had time to kill so I wrote this poem.
Pretty much it is about a guy who wants to end his life because he has seen so much cruelty in the world.


Here I am once again
Same as before now and then
Still trapped inside this fucking nut
I still can't escape myself inside this damn rut
Some think it is redundant
While others just find my existence repugnant
I don't care about my sanity, my world is surrounded by a shadow of a doubt.
Can't anyone see that? I just want out.
People can enjoy their butchery, greed and lies.
They won't know the feeling of hate inside their victims eyes.
While I shall sit in this damn world, still lagging behind.
The world can keep turning and burning as I try to escape my own mind.


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