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 Kaika Kyohaku

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PostSubject: Kaika Kyohaku   Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:24 pm

This Is A Character I Made: Kaika Kyohaku:

Name: Kaika Kyohaku
Chakra Affinity: Wind/Lightning/Swift
Current Age: 17
Bloodline: Byakugan (Implanted), Cursed Seal of Wind (Implanted).
Rank: Jōnin (Hidden Village of the Leaves).
Ninja Registration Number: 063749
Relationship: Married to Hozuki Kyohaku.

Past History: Kaika was raised happily in the Village Hidden in the Leaves by her family, however when she was 9, the village was attacked by Orochimaru, and Orochimaru secretly went through before engaging the Third Hokage as a clone and left the curse mark on several children, Kaika recieved the experimental cursed seal of wind, which amplified her already natural wind affinity and allowed her to experiment with new techniques and eventually develop her second affinity lightning and even combine them to help the development of a third affinity, the swift release, which she mastered at the age of 16

Current History: Kaika is now 17, she is now a Jōnin in the Hidden Leaf Village, she loves hanging with her friends and her husband Hozuki, she has done numerous amounts of missions. Only very few people know about her darker side brought on by the curse seal and her true nature to be occasionally sadistic and evil when dealing with her enemies.

Jutsu: Kaika is paticularly skilled in using Wind and Lightning ninjutsu and accelerates the rate of her techniques by applying the swift release to her actions and greatly boosting the fatality of hits. Also using the combined strength of the curse seal combined with the deadly power and speed of her lightning release armor enhanced even more with the swift release, allows her to increase her speeds to even greater heights than a ninja such as the fourth hokage. Along with this, her Byakugan allows her to have complete vision of attacks around her and also with this she can identify the best ways to dispose of enemies by knowing which parts of their enemy to strike with a lightning or wind base technique.


Wind Ninjutsu:
Kyouryoku Kaze Nami: (Powerful Wind Wave)
Fūton: Renkūdan: (Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet)
Fūton: Daitoppa: (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)
Fūton: Atsugai: (Wind Release: Pressure Damage)
Fūton: Reppūshō: (Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm)
Lightning Ninjutsu:
Raiton: Jibashi: (Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder)
Rairyū no Tatsumaki: (Lightning Dragon Tornado)
Raiton: Kangekiha: (Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration)
Raiton Kage Bunshin: (Lightning Release: Shadow Clone)
Raiton no Yoroi: (Lightning Release Armor)


Cursed Seal of Wind
Swift Release: Limitless Speed
Byakugan: 360 Vision

Personality: Cheerful, Happy, Relaxed, Fun and Outgoing. (Sadistic and Cruel when under the influence of the Cursed Seal)
Likes: Relaxing with her husband and friends.
Dislikes: Anyone that hurts anyone close to her.


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Kaika Kyohaku
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