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 Frozen and Flow

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PostSubject: Frozen and Flow   Tue May 11, 2010 5:38 pm

These are two new poems that I wrote:
Out Of All The Poems I've Written So Far, These Are My Two Favorites:

Cold... Damp... Dark...
Such are the feelings of being stuck in your heart
When you want to look away, but you really just can't
You get a fixed obsession that you just can't shake
You get the feeling that your insides just aren't awake
Completely losing your grip to your emotions
Standing still without a trace of motion
Looking on with lust and desire
Never wanting anymore than that one simple stare
Instead your kindness is returned with a glare
Wondering why you just simply can't please
Your soul lost in that person, swaying gently in the breeze

... Close my eyes, look up at me
This starry night together with you
The constellations above us glistening so bright
Mixed together with the shining rays of the moonlight
Open my eyes, lose my hand in your beautiful flowing hair
Get mistracked staring into your beautiful eyes
Not caring about the world as we get lost in our own time
Staring at each other, locked forever
As we rolled over and looked up at the sky
We looked at each other with a soft stare, hoping that this moment will never die

Hope You Guys Enjoy Smile)


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Frozen and Flow
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