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 Wings of Darkness Chapter 3: Misunderstanding

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PostSubject: Wings of Darkness Chapter 3: Misunderstanding   Sun May 23, 2010 10:44 am

Chapter 3: Misunderstanding

Narrator: Nenshou stands and looks up at his school building, the three story complex in which he majored in chemistry.

Nenshou Iyoku: *sigh* its PE time..... -_-' well, at least i have some dry PE clothes in my locker room.

Narrator: As he walks down to the locker rooms dragging his drenched feet ever more solemnly accross the badly scrubbed pavement, he cant help but notice ecstatic yelling coming from the girls locker room.

Nenshou Iyoku: *shivers* g-g-girls.... they scare me, i like em but they scare the living hell outta me

Narrator: *suddenly Myou Sangai comes flying out of the girls locker room and is slammed into a wall*


Myou Sangai: Simply, i was asking for the coordinates of my friend.... *turns head* oh hello Mr. Iyoku

Nenshou Iyoku: ......... w-why are you here?

Myou Sangai: I was looking for you, seems the other organisims here are hostile towards angels, do you know why this is?

Nenshou Iyoku: ........... -_-' angels arent supposed to exist in this world retard, AND HIDE THOSE DAMN WINGS SOMETHINGS GONNA GET BRO- *Myou's wings knock over a soda machine* -ken....... oh damnit Myou just follow me.

Narrator: They head out to the track field, where the girls are just finishing their laps around the field.

Girl: Hello Noballs Idorku

Nenshou Iyoku: please s-stop i-its N-neshou Iyoku.....

Girl: Did you say something cheesewad?

Myou Sangai: *flies out from behind and draws a black sword glistening in the afternoon sun*, you are discontenting my friend, stop or i will resort to violent persuasion.

Nenshou Iyoku: ..... *thinks* great there goes any chance of normal high school years.


Narrator: *suddenly a girl is seen running towards them*

Nenshou Iyoku: oh damnit Myou......

Girl 3: Your screwed man, Kaika Kyohaku, is the toughest girl on campus, shes gonna whip your cosplaying ass back to the freak convention.

Narrator: Nenshou's secret crush, Kaika Kyohaku, whos name literally means Blooming Star, a mean temper, long black hair down to her lower back, blowing in the wind so graceful and carefree, she always wears dark blue jeans with a chain on the side, and a t-shirt with a skull with crossbones on it.

Nenshou Iyoku: *starting at Kaika* aahhhh, why did i have to be such a freak *inner nenshou* COME ON MAN, WHY NOT ASK HER OUT DUMBSHIT? *to himself* shut up inner me, *sigh* -_-' why must i be so scared of girls...

Kaika Kyohaku: WHOEVER YOU ARE YOU ARE DEAD *delivers a full force kick to Myou Sangai's face*

Myou Sangai: *was looking around at the campus when kicked* *realizes her foot is on his face* why is your foot on my face?

Girl 1: he.... he didnt even flinch


Kaika Kyohaku: Shut up.

Girl 2: ok *cowers behind a pole*

Kaika Kyohaku: Who are you anyways, ive been doing karate for 8 years, that kick should have knocked you out or dislocated your jaw.

Myou Sangai: I am Myou Sangai, angel of darkness, product number 93 of 100, i was created for the purpose of the cold war, nenshou created me from a serum.

Nenshou Iyoku: Myou, damnit you sound like a complete artard.

Kaika Kyohaku: An angel of darkness/war machine...... cool

Girl 1: did she just say cool....


Nenshou Iyoku: ........ wow this worked out differently then i expected..... wait a second OMG -_-

Myou Sangai: Have my children, are you talking about undergoing sexual inter-

Nenshou Iyoku: ENOUGH MYOU!!!!!!!

Myou Sangai: Fine fine, i am sorry young female organisim but i cannot satisfy your request, i am deeply ashamed, but getting back to the more requiring matter, Nenshou and I are going on a quest to find whatever clues about my creator i can find, would you like to come Kaika?

Nenshou Iyoku: WHEN DID I AGREE TO TH-

Kaika Kyohaku: Sure, i need a break from this boring as hell boarding school anyway.

Nenshou Iyoku: *inner nenshou* YAHOO I KNEW IT, YOUR DESIRES WILL BE FUFILLED NENSHOU. *outer nenshou* damnit shut up already inner me, -_-' i swear hes like a dog.

Myou Sangai: *grabs Kaika and Nenshou and puts them together* Hold on to each other you to, *flies up in the air*

Kaika Kyohaku: ........ Nenshou are you ok?

Nenshou Iyoku: X_X

End of Chapter 3

Look Forward to Chapter 4


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Wings of Darkness Chapter 3: Misunderstanding
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